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New Statement from The Weather Channel
May 27, 2015

As Verizon FiOS customers know, our contract with Verizon FiOS expired.

To our regret, negotiations between Verizon FiOS have not resumed. We have attempted on multiple occasions to engage with Verizon FiOS but have been unsuccessful. We, like you, continue to be told that it is a final decision.

With the recent historic flooding and severe weather outbreak in the Midwest, consumers are turning to The Weather Channel, now more than ever, for our accurate forecasts and live, in-field reporting, especially in severe weather situations. Unfortunately, due to Verizon FiOS' decision, many are left without this vital resource.

We strongly recommend that Verizon FiOS customers who want The Weather Channel switch providers today! A list of providers in your area who carry The Weather Channel can be found on gettheweatherchannel.tv. It is also imperative that your voice be heard within your local community and your local government officials are listening. If you are not getting any response from Verizon or have been blocked from posting comments to their social outlets, you can still make your voice heard.

Thank you for your continued support of The Weather Channel.