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De Blasio administration goes after Verizon for failing to deliver FiOS

posted by Matthew Flamm and Erik Engquist

An audit last month found the company had not lived up to its 2008 franchise agreement to make its fiber-optic cable-television service available to all New Yorkers. Read More

New York Slams Verizon, calls city-wide FiOS rollout 'an egregious failure' - The Verge

posted by Dante D'Orazio

Ask New Yorkers about Verizon FiOS, and you'll get one of two answers. If they are one of the lucky people who have access, they'll swoon about its fantastic speeds. If not, you'll hear tales of frustration about fruitlessly waiting years for FiOS to make it to their doorsteps. Read More

New York City Criticizes Verizon on FiOS Delivery - The Wall Street Journal


Verizon Communications has failed to live up to a 2008 promise to deliver fiber-optic connections for television and high-speed Internet to anyone who wants them. Read More

Verizon's Coverage Area of NYC for Fiber Optic FiOS Is a Miserable 46% to 59%; Upstate NY Is Worse - Huffington Post

posted by Bruce Kushnick

Verizon NY (VNY) is supposed to have 100% of New York City upgraded, replacing the aging copper-based networks with a fiber optic infrastructure for the delivery of a service called FiOS that offers cable TV, High-speed Internet and Digital Phone services. Being done as part of a cable franchise that was signed in 2008, the construction was to be completed by June 30th, 2014.  Read More

ESPN vs. FiOS: Contract breach or consumer extortion? - USA Today

posted by Michael Antonoff

ESPN has balls. It's doing to Verizon exactly what all non-sports fans like me should have done to ESPN years ago: brought suit, though not for breach of contract -for extortion.  Read More

Verizon's new FiOS packages aren't an unbundling. They're a re-bundling - Fortune

posted by Peter Suciu

Last week, Verizon Communications announced that its FiOS service would be available in smaller packages that seem to break the traditional pay-TV bundle. Beginning this month subscribers will be able to sign up for a slim package of TV channels that will include broadcast networks such as ABC and Fox along with basic cable fare such as CNN and AMC. The cheapest plan would be offered for $55 a month and will include two packs. Additional packages, which could include around 10 to 17 channels, would be available for around $10 extra a month.   Read More