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It's time to choose a provider that carries The Weather Channel

Latest Update:

Our efforts to reach a resolution with Verizon FiOS have ended.

With the recent severe weather outbreak in the Midwest, now more than ever, consumers need our accurate forecasts and live, in-field reporting. Unfortunately, due to Verizon FiOS’ decision, many are left without this vital resource.

Along with you, we hoped that FiOS would reverse their decision to drop The Weather Channel. Unfortunately, even a lower price and customer outrage did not move them.

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Where you get your weather matters

The Weather Channel is the most trusted source for weather information

Real time

We bring you live data and real time information, all the time. We preempt any of our programming to bring you timely coverage.

Real local

Local on the 8s and local radar enables you to access weather that is specific to your community 24 hours a day.

Real experts

225 meteorologists and trusted experts give you the most accurate and real time weather information and analysis.

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